Mindfulness at Work

PeaceBox delivers on-site customized mindfulness education, training and practice for corporate clients interested in helping their employees learn healthy ways to reduce stress, increase mental clarity and improve overall performance and wellness. Meditation practice in the workplace also helps with employee retention and improved work/life balance. For more information about how companies can benefit from increased productivity of more attentive, content and healthier employees visit our blog post here.

Here are the 4 primary ways we partner with corporations:

  1. We bring PeaceBox On the Move to your organization for any length of time
  2. We train small groups and teams at the PeaceBox
  3. We provide educational Lunch and Learn presentations for your employees
  4. You sponsor a school or non-profit organization so they can experience training with PeaceBox

How it Works

There is flexibility in our mindfulness offerings for your business, including us bringing a PeaceBox On the Move to your workplace, sending your staff members for a training at PeaceBox, or leading an educational Lunch & Learn session for your employees.

The first step for all of these offerings is a consultation. Please fill out our form here or contact us at 512-484- 0811 to discuss your interest, questions, and desired outcomes for your company and employees.

PeaceBox will partner with your organization to design and deliver a customized Mindfulness@Work training program vetted and proven to achieve results and meet the goals of your organization. The box can be moved to your grounds for any length of time or small group trainings can be hosted at our Headquarters location.  Following our initial consultation, PeaceBox will deliver a customized proposal to finalize terms for agreement.

Research reveals key benefits of Mindfulness@Work Training include: 

  • reduced stress
  • increased mental clarity and creativity
  • improved overall productivity and performance
  • reduced absenteeism
  • improved retention and recruitment of key personnel

For more information about our Mindfulness@Work training program, see below. 

PeaceBox will either schedule training times, delivery of our mobile studio to the designated training site, or reserve the PeaceBox Headquarters location for your needs. Certified Mindfulness instructors will guide you and your employees every step of the way to achieve the greatest possible results at work and beyond.

PeaceBox will measure progress and impact of the training through a pre and post assessment delivered to participants online. Organizations can use this data to assess the effectiveness of the training and to inform future trainings. After the contracted period comes to an end, PeaceBox can also continue to provide remote, ongoing mindfulness training options and resources for employees.

Mindfulness@Work Program

Mindfulness@Work™ is a 6-module course designed to cultivate a wide range of mindfulness skills aimed at enhancing attention, concentration, productivity, communication, mastery and self-care. 

The 6 modules are: 

• Module 1: Mindfulness at Work

• Module 2: Wellbeing & Calm

• Module 3: Creativity & Innovation

• Module 4: Productivity & Efficiency

• Module 5: Emotional Intelligence

• Module 6:  Best Practices

Made clear and pragmatic through direct experience, Mindfulness@Work™ optimizes one’s own inner resources for learning, growing, healing and for integrating mindfulness into the workplace.

This program can be delivered in 6 one-hour modules in a one-day class (9 am to 4 pm with one hour for lunch), or in a series of 6 one-hour lessons over the course of multiple weeks. Each of the one hour lessons are accompanied by additional discussion points and activities, which, when included, can increase the duration of each lesson up to two hours.  

Please note this program can easily be extended to 8 weeks by adding a welcome meeting for the first week, and an additional mindfulness coaching session at the end. 

Other Corporate Offerings

These 60 to 90-minute educational sessions give employees techniques to manage and reduce stress throughout the work day as well as increase focus and productivity. Clients can choose from a variety of mindfulness practices to accompany the educational sessions including “Mindful Eating” and other practical Mindfulness techniques.

Intimate trainings for teams and small groups can take place either at your workplace or at PeaceBox. Small group trainings are led by certified PeaceBox instructors and customized to fit the goals of your team, focusing on mindfulness techniques and practices proven effective in the workplace.

Professional and executive private or team coaching sessions take place with a certified Mindfulness instructor and are tailored to the specific goals of the individual or team. Learn to reduce conflict, find inspiration in your work day and more effectively handle workplace challenges.