Stacy Thrash

Having spent 30 years in corporate sales and sales management at two of the largest global education companies, Stacy understands the demands of high-stress work environments, and the increasing importance of managing stress throughout the work day. She found in the last years of her corporate career that mindfulness meditation made a significant difference in her stress levels both during and outside of work.

Corporate Partnership

Dr. Laurel Geise, MBA, D.Min

Combining 30 years as a executive leader in Fortune 500 companies with 20 years as a mindfulness teacher, Dr Laurel Geise is an expert in bringing Mindfulness at Work Programs to organizations. Having held C-level positions, Laurel understands the demands of the corporate workplace and the board room. As a professional speaker, she has introduced thousands of people to the benefits of mindfulness over the last twenty years.


Paige Davis

Paige Davis is an entrepreneur, mind-body enthusiast, soul seeker, cancer survivor, and certified meditation teacher.


Susan Vichick-Johnson

Susan Vichick-Johnson, LCSW, is a Integrative Clinical Social Worker, mindfulness & meditation trainer and Sound Therapy practitioner.


Morgan Osmani

Morgan Osmani leads seasonal yoga and meditation retreats in Hawaii, and Canada, and work in private practice as a psychotherapist and yoga teacher in Austin, Texas.