PeaceBox benefits students, teachers and faculty by providing on-site customizable mindfulness education, training and practice. Programs can be tailored for students or faculty and staff in order to benefit the health and wellness of an entire school by reducing stress and fatigue, increasing energy and mental awareness and improving behavioral issues.  

How it Works

PeaceBox delivers on-site customized mindfulness education, training and practice for schools interested in helping their students learn healthy ways to reduce stress, increase mental clarity and improve overall performance and wellness. Meditation practice in the classroom has amazing benefits including providing students coping mechanisms in a stressful environment.

Students inside the PeaceBox while on location at the Ann Richards School

Here are the primary ways we partner with schools:

  • We bring our mobile PeaceBox to your school for any length of time for guided practice and small group training sessions.
  • We offer a comprehensive Mindfulness@School curriculum training groups of any size at a site designated by your staff.
  • We provide educational “Lunch & Learn” presentations using mindful eating to explain the benefits in mindfulness in every day life.
  • A company may sponsor “PeaceBox: Mindfulness on the Move” training for your school to satisfy CSR initiatives and give back to your community.
  • We offer a unique opportunity to rent or purchase a PeaceBox meditation studio equipped with headphones for guided practice once the training program has been delivered to designated school staff.

Why it Works

PeaceBox teaches guided meditation to the staff and counselors at Westlake High School.

A few benefits of mindfulness for school members include:

  • Reduces absenteeism and creates better overall behaviors in children
  • Reduces ADHD and ADD symptoms
  • Reduces performance and test anxiety
  • Increases mental clarity, improves memory
  • Heightens social awareness and empathy

If you’re interested in bringing mindfulness training to your school or bringing your students and faculty to us, please contact PeaceBox here or call 512-484-0811 for a consultation and to get started with your customized experience.

Sponsor a School

While all students can benefit from mindfulness training, many schools need financial support to help them achieve this goal. Corporations and private donors can bring PeaceBox to a school through sponsorships. A list of schools currently seeking sponsorship include:

Fill out the following form or call 512-484-0811 to inquire about sponsoring a school.

Schools Benefiting from Mindfulness


PeaceBox visited students, faculty and staff at Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders in the spring of 2017 and fall of 2018 to deliver mindfulness training and guided meditation. These tools have helped both students and staff to manage stress and anxiety when it comes to school.

Don’t take it from us! Hear from a student at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders in Austin, Texas as she shares her first experience with mindfulness practice inside the PeaceBox (watch video, right). Also, check out our blog to learn more about what students at Ann Richards School are saying about their mindfulness experience.


In Spring 2018, 14 counselors and teachers took part in a six-week-long Mindfulness@School training program with PeaceBox. This program, funded by the Westlake Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), was uniquely tailored for faculty and staff to provide them with tools to reduce stress and fatigue and increase energy and mental awareness. Due to the success of this program, PeacecBox returned to Westlake High School in the fall 2018 to introduce these tools to students.

Schools like Ann Richards School and Westlake High School are always looking for corporate sponsors to fund their next Mindfulness@School training program so that students learn these tools. Companies looking for opportunities to invest in an important community cause such as reducing stress in schools, should contact PeaceBox. Businesses can partner with PeaceBox to sponsor a Mindfulness@School training and give students and teachers a gift that keeps on giving. See “Sponsor a School” to inquire.

Programs & Pricing

Select and Customize Your Program

PeaceBox: “Mindfulness On The Move” offers flexible training options to accommodate any budget.   As our tagline implies, we come to you (with or without our mobile PeaceBox) and support school staff and students with stress-management tools they can take with them for life, whether at work or at home, or anywhere “on the move.”  Once staff and students learn a few essentials and experience the benefits of mindfulness practice, they have access to an enhanced way of being they can take with them for life.

The first step for all of these offerings is a consultation. Please fill out our form here or contact us at 512-484- 0811 to discuss your interest, questions, and desired outcomes for your school.


  • Bring PeaceBox to your school and give students and staff a PeaceBreak in our designated PeaceBox for 10- to 20-minute guided mindfulness practice.
  • The PeaceBox will be all setup with yoga mats, cushions and other seating options, headphones and MP3 players with recorded guided practice.
  • PeaceBox holds up to 10 people per session, and can accommodate up to 40 people per hour.

PRICE: $750 per day (electrical to be provided, multi-day booking discounts)


  • PeaceBox delivers on-site mindfulness education and practice with a live, certified mindfulness instructor offering students and staff an opportunity to learn healthy ways to reduce stress, increase mental clarity and improve overall performance.
  • A certified instructor on site for up to six hours per day maximizes the benefits of mindfulness training at your school by debunking misconceptions and removing obstacles for success.
  • Our intimate small-group setting (up to 10 people per session) offers a unique bonding experience and access to enhanced communication between students.
  • Education and practice with a certified PeaceBox mindfulness trainer promotes sustainable transformation for individuals as well as the school culture.

PRICE: $1,150 per day (electrical to be provided, multi-day booking discounts)


  • Our MMI Mindfulness@School(TM) training curriculum offers a comprehensive 8-module curriculum designed to provide sustainable, life-changing tools for students, teachers, counselors, parents and staff.
  • This program offers students and support staff the  education and practice as well as a unique Program Implementation Plan delivering ongoing mindfulness practices specifically designed for each school.
  • We recommend this program be delivered one or two modules per week for a total of 8 modules.  This training can accommodate as many teachers and/or counselors and staff as the designated space allows.
  • NOTE: This eight-module curriculum is for designated school staff and not for students of the school.

PRICE: $4,000 (plus any related expenses) per 8 modules delivered.  (Program Implementation Plan may be included.  A unique opportunity to lease or purchase a physical PeaceBox is available for participating schools.)

For more information about our Mindfulness@School training program, see below. 

Mindfulness@School Training

This is an eight-module course designed to cultivate a wide range of mindfulness skills aimed at enhancing attention, self-awareness, concentration, performance, communication, mastery and self-care.

The 8 modules are:

Module 1: Mindfulness at School (An Introduction)
Module 2: Presence with Self
Module 3: Awareness and Calm
Module 4: Presence with Others
Module 5: Empathy and Compassion
Module 6: Presence in Community
Module 7: Emotional Intelligence
Module 8: Mindfulness on the Move (Best Practices for sustaining results)

Made clear and pragmatic through direct experience, Mindfulness@School optimizes one’s own inner resources for learning, growing, healing and for integrating mindfulness into the workplace.

This program can be delivered in eight 50-minute modules or in a series of four 2-hour sessions over the course of multiple weeks.  While the training can be delivered intensively over 1 or 2 days, it is recommended to spread out the lessons over time for best results. Each of the lessons are accompanied by additional discussion points and activities, which ideally are practiced between training sessions.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Giving Back to Schools

  • For every two days that PeaceBox comes to your organization, one PeaceDay goes back to a school.
  • For those who schedule less than two days, your organization will still be part of a co-op of organizations giving back. We will combine days from multiple organizations to give #PeaceDays to a school in need.
  • As part of our Giving Back Days program, your company will have the option to be recognized as a sponsor with company name/logo displayed.
Inquire Now
  • We are at an important time for mindfulness in schools. Now more than ever, mindfulness tools can affect students and staff so that positive coping mechanisms can begin to make an impact.
  • Adopt-a-school in  need of mindfulness training and be a part of something great to give back to the future leaders of tomorrow, our students.
  • As part of your gift to a school, your company will serve as a sponsor with prominent name recognition.
  • Pictured left is Stacy Thrash, owner and founder of PeaceBox, with the counselors team and staff at Westlake High School after mindfulness training. With your help, Westlake High School students can experience mindfulness training with PeaceBox this fall 2018.
  • Pricing and packages are the same as programs and pricing listed above.
  • Adopt-a-Nonprofit of your choice and give the gift of PeaceBox mindfulness training and techniques to those in need.
  • You may choose a nonprofit of your choice or we can select one from our waitlist.
  • Packages can be tailored to your specifications and your company will serve as a sponsor with prominent name recognition. Pricing and packages are the same as programs and pricing listed above.