NEWS: PeaceBox On the Move™ brings meditation and mindfulness tools to Westlake High School faculty and staff

NEWS: PeaceBox On the Move™ brings meditation and mindfulness tools to Westlake High School faculty and staff

May 11, 2018               

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PeaceBox On the Move™ brings meditation and mindfulness tools to
Westlake High School faculty and staff
Mobile meditation studio equips leaders with techniques to reduce stress in the classroom and workplace

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Austin-based, mobile meditation studio PeaceBox today announced the successful conclusion of a six-week-long Mindfulness@School™ training at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas. One-of-a-kind in the wellness community, PeaceBox’ “pop-up” mobile studio teaches meditation and mindfulness techniques designed to reduce stress and improve overall wellness. This opportunity at Westlake High School demonstrates one of many ways PeaceBox is dedicated to bringing this mission to corporations, schools and the community.

Over the course of six weeks, 14 counselors and teachers benefited from PeaceBox’ Mindfulness@School™ training program. PeaceBox strives to reach students, teachers and staff where they are by providing on-site customized mindfulness education, training and practice. This program was uniquely tailored for faculty and staff to provide them with tools to reduce stress and fatigue, increase energy and mental awareness and improve behavioral issues.

“Now more than ever, teachers and students can benefit from stress-reducing meditation techniques at school,” said Stacy Thrash, owner and founder of PeaceBox. “Many people believe that you must meet certain qualifications to meditate, but meditation is for everyone. And this practice has a life changing effect on the mind and body. We hope to bring these practices to the students soon.”

Teachers and counselors participating in the training ranged from first time meditators to experienced meditation regulars. Program trainers included PeaceBox owner and founder Stacy Thrash and guided meditation instructor Morgan Osmani. By implementing these mindfulness techniques, teachers reap personal benefits that overflow into their professional lives and into the school as a whole. According to research conducted by Mindful Schools, 77 percent of educators trained in mindfulness were more satisfied with their jobs and 80 percent felt they delivered curriculum with more ease.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training and am motivated and excited about the different ways we will be able to bring this practice into our school, culture and community,” said one training participant. “Personally, this practice has been transformational for me as well. I feel more grounded after going through the training and have a renewed sense of inspiration. I recommend it for anyone both personally and professionally.”

Another teacher described the training as a, “wonderful way to start each day.”

Westlake is currently looking for corporate sponsors to fund their next Mindfulness@School™ training program so that students can also benefit from mindfulness training. Companies looking for opportunities to invest in an important community cause such as reducing stress in schools, should contact PeaceBox for more information on corporate sponsorships. Businesses can partner with PeaceBox to sponsor a Mindfulness@School™ training and give students and teachers a gift that keeps on giving. In addition, PeaceBox offers Mindfulness@Work™ training courses that teach employees mindfulness tools to help increase focus and productivity, boost creativity, reduce stress and enhance communication.

Since opening just over one year ago, PeaceBox has made a significant impact on the Austin community through classes, trainings, workshops and retreats. With two mobile meditation studios, PeaceBox is on the move to meet companies, schools, and the community where they are. Learn more about PeaceBox’ latest class and event offerings at

About PeaceBox:

Founded in 2016, PeaceBox: Mindfulness on the Move ™ is a designated pop-up mobile meditation venue offering on-site education, training and guided practice in mindfulness and meditation as well as therapeutic techniques for stress-reduction and overall wellness. Corporations, schools and the community can experience mindfulness training On the Move. PeaceBox meets you where you are. To learn more about PeaceBox, please visit:, follow us on Instagram at @PeaceBoxLLC and ‘Like’ us on Facebook:


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