Mindfulness@Work benefits companies and individuals

Mindfulness@Work benefits companies and individuals

Almost every day I get at least one google alert referencing another article on how Mindfulness is transforming companies from the inside out.  This article references formal and informal practices to achieve the numerous benefits of applying mindfulness at work.  http://businessworld.in/article/Mindfulness-At-Work/11-12-2017-134306/

PeaceBox Mindfulness@Work 6-module training curriculum is ready and available for hire to help companies improve their bottom line by retaining good talent and minimizing “presentee-ism” which is the phenomenon of being physically present at work but not fully present.  Better work relationships are one of the many benefits.  Austin-based companies like Whole Foods and SXSW, and organizations like UT Dell Medical School are offering their employees and donors these life-enhancing tools via PeaceBox corporate offerings.


“Mindfulness techniques help to reduce stress, anxiety, understand oneself better, maintain attention/focus and also reduce intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts. All this benefits the employee at the workplace to work efficiently and peacefully by increasing their concentration level and decreasing stress.”  (A quote from above-referenced article)


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