How companies can help save lives: SUMMER OF GIVING with PeaceBox!

How companies can help save lives: SUMMER OF GIVING with PeaceBox!

On the heels of the recent Community Impact article citing PeaceBox for our work with Westlake High School, and on the first official day of summer, PeaceBox owner Stacy Thrash is exited to announce a “Summer of Giving” program which offers companies a chance to support their workplace teams with mindfulness training while giving back to schools in their community. 

PeaceBox offers tools that can save lives!  With increasing numbers of students reporting high levels of stress,  serious thoughts of suicide, and a rise in the number of school shootings, it is evident that young people lack coping skills to deal with the pressures of their youth.  In a time when school shootings have prompted school officials and governments to consider new measures to protect students, PeaceBox hopes to partner with philanthropic companies to offer mental health support in the form of mindfulness education and practice.

How does “SUMMER OF GIVING” work?

From now until the end of September for every two days PeaceBox is booked to deliver mindfulness training at an organization in calendar year 2018, one “PeaceDay” will be donated to a qualified school.   Book your dates this summer, and train your work teams anytime between now and end of 2018.  Summer of Giving benefits your employees as well as schools asking for our support!

What is a “PeaceDay?”

A “PeaceDay” is one full day of mindfulness education and meditation practice taught by PeaceBox certified mindfulness trainers in our unique PeaceBox shipping container meditation studio!  We have a growing list of schools requesting mindfulness training, but they don’t always have the funding or budget to bring us in.  By helping your company, you also will be helping a school in need.  

Thrash (left) leading Westlake HS counselors in a guided mindfulness practice

The Florida school shooting happened while we were training Westlake High School counselors, and tensions were high as a result.  The most recent school shooting at Santa Fe High School near Houston hits too close to home.

I’m increasingly concerned that young people are not equipped to distinguish what’s real from what they experience in their minds.  A few simple mindfulness tools can help students gain perspective and distinguish their thoughts from reality.  A common unstated thought among teens is “I don’t fit in.”  Consider the freedom in not having to believe every thought!  That’s one of the many benefits mindfulness training offers.

A recent CNN article published in May 2018 shows 288 school shootings in the US since 2009, which is 57 times the number of school shootings in 27 industrialized countries combined.  No other civilized country even comes close to these numbers.

While government and school administrators look into preventative forms of action to take such as increasing security and stricter gun laws, MINDFULNESS EDUCATION can help get at the root of the issue … and in turn save lives.

Please contact us today and be part of the Summer of Giving!

An organization interested in participating in the Summer of Giving program can visit to sign up. Program pricing and package options are available here: To become an eligible recipient of a PeaceDay and to join the waiting list, school officials may contact PeaceBox indicating their interest in the program.


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