PeaceBox brings mindfulness to the community–we meet you where you are or you can come to our locations. We host a variety of workshops, classes and events, as well as retreats for those looking to take their mindfulness practice to the next level.


Our goal is to make mindfulness and meditation a part of your everyday life to counteract the daily distractions and issues we face. Research shows regular meditation can reduce stress and increase wellbeing. By taking part in guided meditation, you are training your body and mind to deal with stress in a way that promotes good health for the long term.

We want you to feel empowered to meditate on your own, where ever you are. By learning meditation practice and techniques with PeaceBox’ trained meditators, you can gain the wisdom and training to meditate on your own. Once you become an experienced meditator, we hope you will share the benefits of meditation with friends and family. PeaceBox is a mobile meditation venue that serves as a vehicle to share the powers of mindfulness and meditation with everyone.

How it Works

From sound therapy sessions to creative writing workshops, we offer a variety of engaging events and series to keep your meditation practice going. PeaceBox can accommodate up to eight meditators inside and up to 16 including the downstairs deck when weather is permitting additional reading. Another eight meditators can sit on the top deck in good weather. Our second mobile unit, can hold up to eight meditators inside the box at one time. Some classes and events accommodate more, so check the monthly schedule and sign up in advance.

PeaceBox wants you to claim your cushion!

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