City of Austin Employees Meditate with PeaceBox

City of Austin Employees Meditate with PeaceBox

PeaceBox: Mindfulness On the Move mobile unit parked just outside the Palmer Event’s Center as part of “Healthy Connections: Health and Lifestyle Expo” serving all City of Austin employees on Tuesday, September 26th.  PeaceBox owner Stacy Thrash guided COA employees in 10-20 minute mindful meditation practices with steady traffic flowing from the city’s executives dressed in suits to city road pavers in steel-toed boots, proving meditation really is for everyone!

Each and every person who came through PeaceBox’s serene, sound-proof space enjoyed a few minutes of internal focus, breath and body awareness practices and recordings of guided meditations and the Relaxation Response.  Many experienced meditating for the first time, and they noticed a shift in their nervous system after only 1o minutes, leaving the Box feeling much more relaxed than when they stepped in.  Fire Department officials expressed interest in bringing PeaceBox to their workplace, as firefighters are frequently charged into “fight or flight” mode with the loud bells alerting them to emergency calls.

PeaceBox owner Stacy Thrash was honored to be invited to the event and to expose people who may not otherwise experience the benefits of mindfulness meditation on their own.  “One COA worker with high blood pressure checked his blood pressure before and after meditating, and found that his blood pressure went down 25 points after just one meditation session!  That’s just one of the many benefits people will notice when they start practicing meditation,” Thrash said.

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