Mindfulness makes ANYTHING more fun!

Show of hands, who loves to mow the lawn?  Who can't wait to do the dishes after dinner or take out the trash?  While these are activities most people consider necessary but certainly not any fun, consider that even mundane chores can be enjoyable when approached...

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Do you have a hamster wheel inside your head?

Written by Amanda McPherson, Life Coach, and originally featured on her blog. The truth is, I can be anxious. Yep, I’ve been known to sweat the small stuff. To worry. To chew on a “problem” like a dog on a bone. Can you relate? For those of you who...

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Begin your practice with a FREE meditation session at PeaceBox!

Starting them young, students and teachers alike claim the valuable benefits of mediation! Experience the benefits for yourself beginning with a FREE meditation at PeaceBox! Your first class is free using Promo Code FIRSTCLASS when signing up for a single class rate at ___ Way to...

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