PeaceBox: Mindfulness on the Move (TM) is a mobile studio that teaches meditation and mindfulness techniques designed to reduce stress and improve overall wellness. Whether you come to PeaceBox Headquarters or PeaceBox On The Move comes to you, we can incorporate mindfulness into your workplace, community or school.


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Mindfulness on the Move!


Corporations can customize packages to improve work/life balance, focus and help with employee retention. Your team can book an event or corporate retreat at the PeaceBox on Lake Travis or PeaceBox workplace trainers can visit your office location.

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Our Lake Travis location serves the community with regularly scheduled classes, events and workshops at the Peace Retreat property. Whether you are in need of sound therapy or mindfulness training, we have you covered with our variety of class offerings and private sessions. PeaceBox can bring mindfulness education and practice to your community event.

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Mindfulness training in our schools will change students’ futures and outlook for the better. Meditation increases focus, awareness and improves lives.

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