PeaceBox can accommodate up to 8 meditators inside and up to 16 including the downstairs deck when weather is permitting. Another 8 meditators can sit on the top deck in good weather. Some classes and events accommodate more, so check the monthly schedule and sign up in advance to claim your spot!


Classes range from 30-45 minutes. Some may be open-air or outdoor depending on class size and weather. Most are intimate (8 people max) indoor classes. Outdoor (top deck or lawn) classes will be designated on the classes sign up page.

Events & Workshops

Workshops are usually 90-minutes or longer, and/or multiple-class series. We will be updating new workshops, series and events on a regular basis, so check back often. Also, please let us know your interests and we’ll do our best to accommodate!

Private Sessions

Book a one-on-one private session with one of our instructors. Prices and times vary and are by appointment. We currently offer private meditation sessions, private sound therapy, and professional and life coaching sessions by appointment.